What I Learned About Window Cleaning Companies

Window cleaning is one of those jobs you pay people to do but when you over think it, you just might be tempted to believe you can pull it off on your own. And why not? You probably may have cleaned a few windows before, so why should this one be any different? Having worked in a few establishments around Tri-Cities, WA that hire professional window cleaning companies to clean their windows, I have discovered that there is a huge difference between a DIY cleaning job and getting a professional to clean your window. So, before you write-off window cleaning services as unnecessary, read on to find out why they are a much safer option than a DIY.

They Know the Right Tools to use

Believe it or not, there are standard professional tools for window cleaning. It can be a dangerous job especially when you have to work at heights. Most people would opt for a ladder while cleaning at height and this is one tool window cleaning companies don’t use. According to The Work at Height Directive 2005, ladders are unsafe for window cleaning, Hence, professionals now clean windows with a water-fed pole.

They Have the Expertise

I bet you did not know there are different methods for cleaning different windows! Before a Professional window cleaning service begins work on your windows, they first determine the type of window they are dealing with before proceeding to use the most appropriate cleaning method. If your office has window firms or tinted windows, chances are that you’re not very skilled at caring for them. A window cleaning professional would know how best to handle your kind of window.

They Take Safety Precautions Seriously

As earlier mentioned, window cleaning can be quite dangerous. It is, therefore, necessary to take every precaution to ensure the safety of your customers, employees and to ensure your windows are not damaged while being handled. Improper handling of specialty windows can lead to costly damages that will prevent them from proper functioning. There is also the risk of cutting yourself or falling from a height. Many employers have had to pay heavy worker’s compensations as a result of improper window handling-related injuries. Any mistake could lead to losing a lot more than you’ll have to pay for your window to be cleaned by a professional.

They can Extend Your Window’s Lifespan

The more debris your window accumulates, the shorter its lifespan. Bug filths not only damages your window, it can also affect the surrounding material, causing it to undergo a quickened decay. Unless you can give your window a thorough cleaning, you should prepare to pay for a replacement pretty soon. Apart from the normal cleaning services, professional window cleaners are also able to detect any other issues affecting your building’s window pane, ensuring that your window’s life-span is effectively preserved.


I would totally recommend a professional window cleaning service. They are a safer and overall better choice than a DIY cleaning job. While it may seem like they do a pretty easy job, the reality is that every window cleaning company requires special expertise to deliver quality window cleaning service.