One of the Best Spindle Sander Applications I’ve Encountered

One of the power tools that I cannot go without, is the spindle sander. Yes, indeed, a rather unusual choice for the most favorite tool. Many people don’t even know what this device does. In fact I find it extremely versatile – have a look at this overview of these sanders. It has many different applications, and there are some projects that I wouldn’t have been able to complete without this power tool.

One of the things that I used the spindle sander for, is for polishing a guitar body. The body of an electric guitar is made of solid wood. Yes indeed, wood. Many people think that it’s plastic, probably because of the colorful coatings they usually have. But actually it’s just painted wood. This is what gives the electric guitar its full-bodied sound.

Now, if you have ever seen a classical electric guitar, you will know that its shape is rather unorthodox. It’s kind of a squiggly contour that is partially convex and partially concave. It has several deep in-going curves. The edges of this shape need to be polished somehow. This is because nobody likes a sharp edged electric guitar, right?

Now, many guitar makers will do this polishing by hand. This is because they don’t have a spindle sander. Or at least I think that’s the reason. Because as soon as I started making my first electric guitar I realize that this is the perfect application for my brand-new sander that I had just bought.

As I was making that guitar, as soon as I had the body shape cut out, I simply fired up my sander with the appropriate grit. I then slowly sanded the entire contour of the guitar body and got the results that I needed within maybe half an hour. If I was going to do this by hand, it would probably take me all day.

This is why I find the spindle sander one of the biggest time savers in my woodworking shop – something that I would not want to be without. In fact, I’m planning to upgrade soon to a floor standing machine, as opposed to the tabletop one that I have right now, because there are so many more things you can do with the former one.

Principles of Wood Carving

That wood carving allows you to create amazingly beautiful pieces is widely known, but there are many principles that you may not have heard about. In order to make really attractive objects that will serve as decorations in a given environment, not only is the skill of the hands and the good fantasy, but also some knowledge.

Consider the basic artistic and aesthetic principles that are taken into account by all professionals involved in the creation of wooden products.

Color is one of the most important principles. It is usually considered together with the size, shape, and location of the subject in space. The color must be selected to in with all elements in the environment.

Aspect ratio is a principle that shows the relationship between items in the product. Creating an item’s composition usually begins with a clearer view of the most common proportions. It then draws more attention to the individual details.

Symmetry and asymmetry is one of the main features of composition, which is responsible for the location of elements of an item in relation to an axis. Objects that are in peace are symmetrical in location, ensuring the equilibrium of all parts. Asymmetries are characteristic of moving subjects.

The scale is related to the size of all available elements. Small parts are suitable for small items and large ones.

Contrast-is based on opposing different opposites-light and dark, small and large, low and high, etc. If the contrast is correct, you can create a very expressive and remarkable product.

The composition tools listed here allow you to make products that are attractive on their own and harmoniously to the whole environment. The most remarkable items are those that are manufactured creatively and in a non-standard manner, but with basic principles in mind. They are professional and correct, but they also have something unusual that shows the author’s personality. These products can become the most visible parts of the interior, making it very original.